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“I have been living in Sankalp Central Park, Mysore ever since I moved back from Mumbai. After moving from cosmopolitan city to a relaxed city like Mysore. Sankalp Has given me more than just a home. My decision to live here has been the best decision so far. From the absolutely active community living activities to clean, neat, well maintained surrounding coupled with the best amenities. I could have never asked for more. After living in Sankalp Central Park. I can never imagine living anywhere else. Thank you Sanlalp for adding life to our lives every single day?”

Mr & Mrs A C Augustine, Resident, Sankalp Central Park

“Sankalp is synonymous with the Heritage city of Mysore and our journey with them for sixteen years has been wounder full. Prompt service and excellent courtesy is an endearing quality of their staff. Pray and hope the legacy continues. All the best”

Mrs. Geeths Murthy , Resident, Sankalp Maniandir